Published on March 21, 2004 By Jepel In Action

Half-life 2 delayed until summer

There are few games that I'm eager to play, let alone buy them, but  Half Life 2 belongs definitively to this really small category. I was about to buy it on the original announced released, September the 30, 2003.

 But as a lot of people like me subsequently find out, things were going differently. The main reason was the theft of the original code of the 3D engine - source- by hackers. The game was delayed until December and is now announced on April but  will more likely be released on the E3 in May. If nothing else happen, of course...

The expectations are high for both gamers and the game industry. As they expect the PC Game sales to be boosted by HL2. (Will people buying HL2 will therefore buy others game? I don't see the connection...)

Anyway waiting is really frustrating, isn't it ?

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on Mar 21, 2004
About waiting....normally the Gamespy servers have AT LEAST 20,000 people playing Counter-Strike. I want to play it, but why put it out when people are still playing CS constantly?
on Mar 21, 2004
Half life is very Agawrian Jepel!!!!

only Counter-Strike though... one player FPS suck.

on Mar 21, 2004
One player FPSs suck? How about Halo? For PC or Xbox, Halo has done exceptionally well. I know it's not totally one player, but rarely today there is a totally single player FPS. Oops. Well, Metroid Prime...ahh, nevermind about that.

The age factor must be considered too. Half-Life is pretty old by today's standards, but somehow people still play it.
on Mar 21, 2004
Hi Dr Nick.

I stand corrected. Halo is the BEST single player FPS i have ever played... but its the only one i have given more than 5 minutes to.

on Mar 22, 2004
COUNTERSTRIKE ROCKS!!!! i always liked killing those terrorist scum. Halo is also cool though.
on Mar 22, 2004
I'm affraid that my gamer life has been dedicated mainly to single player FPS due to me not be connected to a network until now. But I'm going to work on it...

Half life is my favorite FPS, I just like the athmosphere... and I identify quiet a bit with Gordon, as I'm a scientist, with glass and beard of course !